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Information for Transplant Recipients

If you are a transplant recipient, congratulations! You have enjoyed the services of a skilled surgeon who has repaired a damaged or diseased cornea and replaced it with one donated for transplant.

The recipient should remember that they have received living tissue from another person and they should closely follow their physicianís after care instructions so the transplant can heal properly.

They should also remember that someone donated that tissue and be grateful that the donorís family had the composure and presence of mind to make the decision to donate at a most stressful time, the passing of a loved one.

If the recipient would like to know more about the donor, the eye bank can help with the correspondence. Of course, we should all be respectful of the privacy of the individuals who participate in the donation process. It is often too painful for a family to be reminded of the passing of a family member and they may decline to correspond. In those cases, the eye bank is constrained from imparting any other information about the donor.

If you wish to correspond with the donorís family, certain procedures must be adhered to. A letter to the donorís family can be written and mailed to the eye bank. The letter should not contain any information identifying the recipient or family members. The eye bank will contact the donor family, inform them of the recipientís desire and, if they consent, forward the recipientís letter to them. They may wish to write back if they desire in care of the eye bank. The eye bank can facilitate this contact but must honor the wishes of both the donor family and the recipient and their respective right to privacy. If both donor family and recipient are agreeable, further contact can take place.

The eye bank rarely has contact with corneal recipients. We know that the transplanting surgeon is in charge of the case and we would rarely have occasion to contact a recipient. The eye bankís services are limited to contact with the transplanting surgeon and with the hospital or ambulatory surgery center where the transplant takes place.

The eye banks mission is to serve our community so if any recipient has question about the operation of the eye bank or about transplant in general, they are welcome to call and we will assist them where possible.